Bilingual Supervisor

We are looking for advanced English speakers that have experience leading groups and helping them to achive their goals! We can offer you a Great environment as you develop your skills as a leader!!!! Your tasks will be (but they are not limited) to: Train agents with low performances, take sup calls, develop plans to keep the campain growing, Do analytics of your group. You will work Monday to Sunday with a day off (usually on the weekends) and a full availability.

  • Empresa: Reclutando
  • Fecha de cierre: 14/07/2019
  • Lugar de trabajo: Bogotá (Bogotá D.C)
  • Cargo: Coordinador de call center (Call center)
  • Experiencia: 1 año
  • Nivel educativo: Tecnólogo
  • Licencia conducción: No requerida
  • Salario base: $ 1.700.000
  • Salario variable: + 400.000 Variable
  • Salario promedio: $ 2.100.000
  • Vinculación: Por temporal / Outsorcing
  • Tipo de contrato: Por obra ó labor
  • Beneficios: Descuento en la empresa
  • Horario: lunes a domingo día compensatorio en la semana.
  • Días compensatorios: Sábado o Domingo